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Don’t Do These things to your android

Don’t Do These things to your android- In today’s world, everyone is attracted to android devices and they are buying new devices also. So when you buy an android device you don’t know which application is safe or harmful for your new device. So in this article, I will share some of the safety tricks for your new android devices. That you should follow if you want to make your device safe. So let’s start.


Keep Your New Android Mobile Safe


#1. Don’t Download Unknown Apps

Unknown apps are very harmful to your android phones and you should avoid these kinds of applications. If you avoid these apps then your device is safe.


#2. Don’t use Battery saver Apps

Actually battery saver apps are not safe for your device because this app does not have any power to save your battery. This kind of app can’t give you battery backups. You are just wasting your internet and storage of your device. 


#3. Cleaner

Android Cleaner app is just closing the background apps that you can also do without these apps. So don’t use a cleaner app also.


#4. Harmful Website

You should not serve harmful websites that can attack your device with viruses and malware. So make sure that you are serving the right website and safe websites.



So, guys, I hope you understand what kind of apps you should use or which apps you should avoid. So if you want to keep your android safe then don’t use harmful applications and avoid harmful websites.


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