Bangladesh showcases culture, cuisine in Netherlands

Partaking in the ‘Consulate Celebration’, Bangladesh government office in Netherlands has welcomed the universal group to visit Bangladesh to experience its rich nourishment, society and painstaking work.

This is the first run through Bangladesh structure was set up in the mosaic of various political group in the Netherlands with the support of 42 international safe havens on Sunday.

The way Thailand advanced their cooking, Malaysia advanced their tourism, the Bangladesh international safe haven showcased its sustenance, society and painstaking work, as per a message got as of late.

Bangladesh represetative to the Netherlands Sheik Mohammed Belal was available at the structure and portrayed the experience as an exceptionally compensating and profitable one.

In a meeting with the Conciliatory Magazine, envoy Belal depicted the current year’s support as a message for universal group to visit Bangladesh to encounter the distinction.

Belal likewise drew in with the NRBs and understudies as they wish to hear more about Bangladesh and its improvement.

“This sort of investment not just brings our national banner up in the global field additionally permits some space to our ostracize Bangladeshis to bring pride with their foundations,” he said.

A huge number of individuals, alongside family and companions, went along with this celebration with exhibit and energy.

The Bangladesh structure was embellished in a conventional topic with ‘Nokshi Kantha’, bright jamdani and so forth.

As a show of Bangladeshi cooking, nourishment things like shingara, piaju, chotpoti, biriani, fish hack, patishapta, narikel puli were on the offer, which were much sought after to both worldwide guests and the NRBs.

The Bangladesh structure additionally showed customary crafted works commonly made by country ladies, which included Nokshi Kantha, earth masterpieces, jute merchandise and brassware.

A fascination of Bangladesh structure was its rich showcase of jamdani Sarees from Bangladesh.

Global guests appreciated sarees, dresses and artworks.

To give a look at Bangladeshi society to the wide world, Bangladeshi youngsters’ move troupe played out a move combination with famous people melodies at the imaginative field.

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