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How To Start Content Writing | Content Marketing

How To Start Content Writing- If you are a newbie in this field then this article is for you. You don’t need a website as a newbie because you can’t afford the cost as a newbie. So you can start writing on Facebook. You will find a feature named notes on Facebook and you can start your writing with that. But first of all, you need to select a niche or a category. Always try to write content related to you and your passion then this work will not bore you anymore. 


How To Start Content Writing


If you know about health tips then you can start writing about ‘health tips’ and this is a niche also. If you are comfortable with technology then you can also go with ‘technology’. There is a lot of niche or category for content writing. But you just have to choose the passionate niche or category which you love to write. 



So start writing from today.  Every day you can write 100 to 200 words in a relevant niche or category.  then after a few days if you continue writing contents then you will be a good content writer soon.

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