Important Digital Marketing Terms (SEO)

Important Digital Marketing Terms (SEO)- Hello guys how are you hope you are doing well.  this article I will share with you some digital marketing tricks and tips. So let’s start.


Important Digital Marketing Terms (SEO)




SEO is a big factor in digital marketing.  if you are a digital marketer then you know that what is.  if you don’t know then I will share. SEO means Search Engine Optimization.  so you have to write search engine optimized content that is called on-page SEO.  your website should be SEO optimized and that called off page SEO. the backlink is a big factor in a page SEO.  so so if you want to be a digital marketer then you must need to know about SEO. 


On page SEO


On page SEO means your website should be SEO optimized and the contents are also SEO optimized.  you need to research keywords for that. if you have a keyword then you have to write your contents in that keyword. So you just need to know about on page SEO. 


Off Page SEO


A backlink is a big factor of off page SEO. So you have to create valid backlinks in this case. Category wise backlink is most valuable. And also you have to submit your website into the search console. So that you can rank your website. 




So I hope you guys now understand the term SEO in digital marketing. So you have to must know the important thing SEO for digital marketing.

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