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Unique Blog Post Ideas 2019 Top 11 Ways

Unique Blog Post Ideas 2019: 11 Ways To Find Blog Post Topics – Assalamualaikum Beautiful Peoples its Maraj. Welcome to our new post. In this post, I am going to tell about unique blogging ideas. If you can’t find a unique blog post ideas, then this is for you. So I will share the  11 methods for best Blog Post Ideas to get started with a new blog. So, Let’s Get Started! Also, You need on page SEO as well

Unique Blog Post Ideas 2019: Top 11 Ways 

Method #1: Using People Also Ask

When you search in google for information there was a People also ask section, You can see what actually needed the visitor. You can see I am searching for the best digital camera. Google shows me the people also ask, These are actual questions people are typing in life and here I can use these four ideas for my blog post. You can also search the topics of your blog post and google can show the audience search results. Which is really very good for your blog. Also, You Can use the Search Related keywords  You should use those keywords for your blog. Now we should go next.

Method #2: Using Quora

Quora is a question-answer platform. Here people ask their questions, If anyone knows the answer then they help those people. So this is a helping website all over the world. There you can find a lot of questions that might be your next blog post idea. You can write a post with these questions answer. So Quora is the best platform to get unique blog post ideas. You can find unlimited blog ideas from Quora.com So let’s start with this platform.

Method #3: Hubspot

You can generate a huge number of blog ideas from Hubspot. Just you can search the topic, Blog ideas are automatically generated from Hubspot. This is a free platform. You cant payment anything for it. I think it is very very helpful for you. You should use this website to generate blog ideas.

Method #4: BuzzSumo, Portent

Here you can find the top social shared posts. You can search with a topic then you can find the high shared blog posts. With this website, you can watch the audience engagements. You Should use high engaging ideas for your blog post. This is very helpful for most of the bloggers. Many popular bloggers use it for there topic selection or keyword research. I recommend you to use BuzzSumo for your content ideas. Here you can generate your blog ideas. Search the topic and get the result of the idea.

Method #5: Pinterest, Google Trends

    • You can generate more ideas from Pinterest. Pinterest is a social platform. Here peoples share there ideas and creations. You can get effective ideas from Pinterest. Search any topic and the related result will be showing under the search bar.
    • You should use these topics and ideas for your blog post. After perfectly using these, you will get an effective result.
    • Now You should use Google Trends For live search results. Google trend is very effective for every blogger. This is a trending posts platform.
    • You can see the live trending searches of all over the world. Now You can use these topics for your blog.

Method #6: Solve Problems of Your Targeted Audiences

You can get new ideas from your comment section. Visitors are commenting on their problems in the comment section, You can solve these problems and write the post about the solutions.

Method #7: Share Your Experience

You can also share your blogging experiences to write a blog post.  What are the best unique blog posts you have read lately? Make a compilation. if you found any important blog posts then you can share it with your visitors. What is your hobby outside your work? You can also share it. Share your success or mistakes.

Method #8: Product Review

This is a very common and highly profitable idea. You can review the latest and trending products. You can review technology related products like Mobile phones, Wrist Watches, Television, Computers, laptops, Cameras and many more. This is a very high traffic niche. You can get a quick response from it.

Method #9: About Best Movies

Share a movie that you watch recently and learned something new from the movie. What are you learned from it? Share these. And how is this movie also share?

Method #10: Your Lifestyle

You can also write posts about your lifestyle. What is your fitness routine, Makeup routine Morning routine, Share all about your lifestyle or celebrities lifestyle.

Method #11: Social Media – Reddit

You can get different ideas from different social media. That is the most useful ideas so far. You can generate huge traffics from these ideas. Reddit is a very good platform. you can search the basic key phrase. This is a very nice platform for unique ideas. You can use this method and enjoy blogging.  I can share all the ideas that I use now for my unique blog post ideas

What Did You Think About Unique Blog Post Ideas?

That’s it – I think you all will be able to find your best topics and unique blog post ideas. Comment your feedback for this post. ‘Unique Blog Post Ideas 2019: 11 Ways To Find Blog Post Topics’

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