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How to keep your Computer fast?

How to keep your Computer fast?- The computer is a very useful machine for us in recent times. Without a computer, you can’t be a techy man. If you love tech then you also have a computer or laptop. So how to keep your pc faster. This is very important that your pc is working well and it is faster always. Because if you are using slow pc then it is very irritating and disgusting. It is killing your time always. So try to keep your pc fast and this is very important to work on a pc. So let’s talk about the main topic.

How to keep your pc fast


#1. Always Clean Your Computer

A computer is a very sensitive machine. So if it is dusty then clean it always. Because of dusty pc, your machine will slow down day by day. Clean fans always. The processor’s fan is very important to cool down the processor. If the fan could not run well then your processor will be getting hot and it is the main cause of slow down the whole pc. To maintain the speed of your computer you have to clean your CPU always.


#2. Don’t Use Crack or Pirated Softwares On your Pc

Pirated Softwares are very harmful to your new pc. It is another cause of slow down the computer. Crack software doesn’t have any real license key and the software contains viruses. So the viruses can kill your pc and your pc getting slow day by day for this reason.



So keep your pc speedy and faster than others by applying these methods. Hopefully, these are the important factors that you have to maintain.

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