What Is Domain Name How It works?

What Is Domain Name How It works?- Hello guys how are you? Do you know what is domain name? If you don’t know then I will explain this in detail for you.


Actually domain name is a name or address of your website. A domain name is like your home address. It’s an alphabetical form of your IP address. An IP address is too difficult to remember but the domain name is not difficult because you can buy the domain name similar to your company name. So that’s why it is very easy to remember. (www.yourname.com) this is a domain name and its very easy to remember. But Ip address is not easy ( this is an IP address. So I think now it is clear what actually the domain name is! 


How does it work?


Actually domain name works with a hosting. And hosting is the storage of a website. I will explain the hosting in my next article. So you have to connect your domain with the hosting then you can upload your website files. You can visit the website. After that your website is live. So this is how the domain name works.


Why the domain name needed?


Domain name needed to run a website and domain name is the address of your website. So when a person searches www.yourdomain.com he will find your website. So it is very important that a domain name should be easy and comfortable to remember and type. So now everything is clear about a domain I think. You can purchase a domain from Godaddy.com, namecheap.com, name.com, and many more domain providers.

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