11 Effective Solutions For Dark Circles And Under Eyes Bags

There are many ways to eliminate dark circles and eye bags. You may find many shortcut solutions for them but those are not effective. Dark circles and bags put on a tired look on you. Does not matter how much sleep you have had. But sometimes, dark circles and bags come to you genetically. Then, there are no effective solutions for you.


There are many women who spent a lot of money on buying dark circles and bags removed creams but these do not work much. There are many reasons for having bags and dark circle under the eyes such as aging, allergies, chronic fatigue, sun exposure, etc. So, we made a list of 11 effective solutions for you to get rid of these two irritating problems.


1. Apple Tea Bags


Easiest and effective is here for you. So, why would you buy costly creams and facials!

Apple tea bags are caffeinated which contain antioxidants. Antioxidants increase blood flow. Apple tea bags will also save you from aging and sunlight. You can choose green tea which contains anti-inflammatory compounds. Boil them for 5 minutes, then 20 minutes chill, and another 20 minutes of rest.

2.Cold Milk Compress


You can use it as an eye cream. It will bring more benefits. This cold sensation temporarily constricts the blood vessels of your under eyes skin. You can do it with water too. But milk contains vitamin A which will turn your skin radiant and bright. Put on cold milk under your eyes two times daily for ten minutes. Then, you will get a positive result surely.


3.Drink More Water


It is one of the most common pieces of advice we get. But when you drink water and get hydrated, your skin becomes healthy. If you do not like to drink chugging water, try to drink herbal tea, sparkling water, or infused water.


4.Properly Remove Make-up Before Bed


Keeping makeup on your face while sleeping is very harmful to your skin. It is even more dangerous for people who do not know how to remove makeup properly. Never use low-quality products. Use a high-quality makeup remover, toner, or DIY products. Remove makeup gently, never rush.


5.Change Sleep Habit


Always sleep straight. Never sleep on your side or stomach. If you do so, fluids will be centered on the eyes. If you feel comfortable, you can use extra pillows. Try to sleep around eight hours a day. It is also important. Follow these instructions and you will get your outcome instantly.


6.Neti Pot Using


You may find this solution a bit unorthodox but you should give it a try it to remove your under-eye bags and dark circles. Neti Pot has salty water and when you put it on your nostrils, it will wash your sinuses. Use a neti pot for a month, then you will get clearer eyes and under-eye skin.


7.Orange juice


Orange Juice is very helpful to recover the flu. It also makes you very refreshing. It has a lot of vitamins A and C. Put orange juice on a cotton pad and keep it under your eye. But do not let the juice go into your eyes.


8.Eat Less Salt


Salt contains sodium which causes skin ageing and looks dull. When we are high in salt and less in water, we feel and look tired.

The skin of the under-eye is very then. It easily gets dehydrated. So, whenever you prepare yourself to eat something salty, drink a glass of water first.


9.Wear Sunscreen


Sometimes we forget that sunscreen saves us only for a while. But to protect your skin, you should wear sunscreen in cold weather too. If you can protect yourself from UVA and UVB rays, your under-eye bags will say goodbye.


10.Use Retinol Cream


Retinol cream can save you from many skin problems such as psoriasis, ageing, and acne. Retinol cream is a modified form of vitamin A. You can buy it as a gel, liquid or cream. You can use retinol cream once a day. It is better to consult a dermatologist before using it.


11.Coconut Oil


Coconut Oil is an anti-inflammatory product. You can use it as a moisturizer or cleanser. Experts praise coconut oil as it removes dark circles effectively. It has lighting and hydrating ability. It keeps wrinkles and fine lines away. That is why everyone liked coconut oil. Use a little bit of coconut oil on your under-eye skin before sleep and get bags and dark circles free eyes.

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