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11 High Blood Pressure Causing Foods

High blood pressure is one of the reasons for stroke and heart disease. So, This is a very concerning disease. Many people around the world are suffering from high blood pressure and In the USA, more than 75 million people have high blood pressure. There are many people who have hypertension and do not have any idea about it.

Do not get tensed if you have high blood pressure. A proper diet and lifestyle are enough to control this disease.


Read this article carefully and follow the instructions. You can lead a joyful life without any tension.


1.Ignore salt and sugar

We are really sorry to let you know that salt and sugar are the two main reasons for hypertension. So, you need to eat these two things carefully. Do not use them limitlessly in your food.

Usually, a normal man can consume 2300 my sodium every day. In terms of sugar, do not add extra sugar to your food. To work properly, our bodies need sugar. Sugar that comes from natural sources like fruit is enough. Do not eat Candy or chocolate randomly.

Men and Women can eat 37.5g and 25g of added sugar per day, respectively. This is ad iced by the American Heart Association. So, you should follow this suggestion.

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