Eat These 10 Superfoods To Lose Weight

Whenever you wish to lose your extra weight, you should focus on your diet first. It does not work if you keep eating junk food and go to the gym, exercise, and run at the same time. Junk food will add extra calories which are very hard to burn.

Superfoods will help you in this regard. Some of the superfoods will cut your extra fats and some of these will keep your belly full for a longer time. So, we made a list of 10 superfoods that are beneficial for losing weight.



Avocado is one of the most beneficial foods for our body and health. Avocado contains a low amount of calories. Moreover, it will keep your belly full for almost half of the day. So, add avocado to your breakfast or lunch. Then, you will not feel the necessity of eating any snacks.



Many people ignore bananas while making their diet. But we can say that it is a big mistake. They make your brain relaxed and bring good moods. They also have Choline and Vitamin A. Choline is a fat-burning compound. It helps to cut extra fats in our stomachs. So, we can surely declare bananas as a superfood.

Bananas can be consumed as a snack. You can also add them to your oatmeal, sandwiches, and shakes. Use them as morning smoothies too.



Though guava is an excellent fruit, many of us are not aware of it. Guava is a great source of protein and vitamin C. It will keep you full for a longer period. If you have a long day of work and also want to lose weight, you can eat this high-protein fruit. Guava is also low in calories. So, eat fresh guava or add it to your smoothies.


Green Tea

Green Tea is undoubtedly one of the best foods to lose weight. You will be amazed to know that a cup of green tea has just two calories. But it has a lot of health benefits. Green tea help reduce inflammation and remove toxins from our body. It also makes us refreshed. So, you should drink green tea several times a day to lose weight.



You can satisfy your hunger completely by eating a few blueberries. These tasty little fruits are also of many vitamins such as A, C, and K. They also contain magnesium, dietary fiber, calcium, and phosphorus. Blueberries are ideal as a snack. You can also add them to your dessert, smoothies, fruit bowl, and drinks. In fact, you can add them to whatever you want.



Research has shown that grapefruits contain a lot of lycopene. Lycopene helps to burn extra fats in your stomach and also keeps cholesterol levels controlled. They also do many beneficial works such as preventing diseases. Grapefruits improve your metabolism as they have a high amount of vitamin C. Try to eat a grapefruit at your breakfast and lunch.



Matcha is surely the most effective superfood on this list that helps to lose weight greatly. It has a compound named EGCG a lot which cuts off extra fats and prevents new fats to appear. As a result, your weight loss process gets boosted.

You can add this to your diet as it has a lot of protein. You can use green powder of matcha and make traditional Japanese matcha tea. Or you can follow the trend by adding matcha in your smoothies. You can add a bit of honey with matcha as it tastes a little bit bitter.



Lentils are common to human beings for thousands of years as food. They are always popular worldwide. They contain a lot of dietary fiber and protein. So, lentils will keep you full the whole day. On top of that, they have fewer calories. Moreover, there are many varieties of lentils such as yellow, green, red, and black. So, give a try to every one of them.


Coconut Oil

Many of us do not know that coconut oil improves our metabolism greatly. Coconut oil contains fat but it gets broken very fastly after entering our body.  You can add coconut oil to your stir-fry, salad, all types of baked foods. Moreover, it has a great taste.



Spinach is considered a superfood before people started to use the Internet. Are you looking for a food that helps to weight greatly? Spinach is here to help you! Spinach washes your liver as a detoxifier. The liver does all the works of removing toxins and other bad ingredients from our body.

So, when our liver is healthy, we can lose weight faster. You can eat spinach individually or add them to other vegetables. You can also add it with your omelets, salads, and smoothies. Spinach tastes great and also beneficial to our health.

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