Mahmudur gets HC bail

The High Court on Wednesday conceded safeguard to Amar Desh acting editorial manager Mahmudur Rahman for a situation recorded regarding the plot to steal and kill head administrator Sheik Hasina’s child Sajeeb Wazed Happiness.

A HC seat of equity AKM Asaduzzaman and equity Zafar Ahmed passed the request in the wake of closing the hearing on a standard issued prior in regards to Mahmudur’s safeguard.

Previous lawyer general AJ Mohammad Ali joined by supporter Tanvir Ahmed Al Amin contended for Mahmudur amid the hearing while extra lawyer general Md Momtaj Uddin Fakir remained for the state.

Tanvir told correspondents that the court discarded the standard and allowed safeguard to Mahmudur.

With this, Mahmudur has secured safeguard in all bodies of evidence recorded against him and there is no lawful bar to his discharge, included the attorney.

In the mean time, the agent lawyer general said they will document a claim with the Incomparable Court against the High Court request.

Prior on 9 May this year, a Dhaka court sent Amar Desh acting editorial manager Mahmudur Rahman to imprison regarding the case.

The case was documented with Paltan Police headquarters on 3 August, 2015 for endeavor to snatch and downer, likewise the ICT counsel to the Leader.

Police captured Mahmudur from his Karwan Bazar office on 11 April, 2013.

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