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Application Process of work Permit Visa for Canada 2020

If you get a job in Canada and want to settle in there, you first need to have a work permit visa. Then, you can make your dream come true and live in Canada happily.

You can apply for a work permit visa online or via paper. Follow our institutions and apply for a work permit visa easily.


Details of Canada Open Work Permit:

Open Work Permit is a document that allows a person to arrive in Canada without owning a particular job offer. As you do not have any jobs offer, you do not need to complete requirements as more as a person who has a job offer. You do need the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) or any employment letter from your employer who gave you a job. However, not everyone can get this open work permit visa.


Application Processes of Work Permit Visa in Canada


Requirements To Get an Open Work Permit?

You need to be in any such condition to get an Open Work Permit Visa card in Canada. These are:


  • you are an applicant of a permanent resident who has already applied.


  • A family member of a permanent resident. You have to be dependent on him or her.


  • Common-law partners or spouses of particular International students or workers.


  • Refuges, or refugees who claim to be unprotected, his relatives or protectors.


  • Few temporary residents


  • young workers who have to join in particular functions regularly.


These are the situations of a person who perhaps can apply for an open work permit visa. But you have to fulfil other personal requirements too to get a visa.


Open Work Permit Types


Two kinds of Work permit Visa available.


  1. Unrestricted: this kind of cardholder can work in any job anywhere in the country.


  1. Restricted: Occupation and location can be restricted to a particular area.


An individual who has a restricted work permit may have to restrict in a particular location based on his or her types or may have to restrict I’m a particular occupation based on his or her medical status. For instance, a person who has a permit to work only in a particular state, he can not work in other states or province.


Step 1: Decide Your Work Permit


Based on your employment, the nature of your work permit may vary. As we said earlier, two kinds of work visas are available:


  • Open Work Permit: you can work for any Canadian company or employer.


  • Employer-specific Work Permit: You have to work under the employer who hired you. The employer’s name and details such as work type, limit, and location will be included in the visa.


For example, if you are a foreign student who has graduated from a Canadian DLIs (Designated Learning Institutions), you may need to stay in Canada post-graduation. So, you should apply for an open work permit. Hence, you can work on any farm or company and gain experience. Then, you can apply for a permanent resident card.


On the other hand, for example, if you are a farmer, you can apply for the second one. Because you will only work in a particular field under a specific employer at an area or location which is fixed.


Step 2: Your Eligibility


There are a number of conditions you have to fulfill to be eligible to work and live in Canada.


Work Permit Application Conditions are:


  • you must prove to them that you will leave the country after the validity of your card expired.


  • you must show them enough funds to support yourself and your family to stay in Canada as well as to leave the country.


  • Your criminal record is empty.


  • Good health condition. You have to submit a medical test report. Lastly,


  • You have to prove that your employer is valid and have the ability to hire you.


Step 3: Application Submission


The online system is the best to apply for a work permit visa. You can apply via online and can save your time and money as you will not have to pay any courier fee to send your documents. This will also make sure your application is perfect and submitted properly.


The time of processing may vary from two to thirty-three weeks depending on your country.


By the way, you can reduce the processing time by verifying your documents via RCIC and show them the accredited documents.


However, if you submit an incomplete application, your processing time may take more time. If you do such error, they may return you your application and documents. Then, you have to face officials of your local country and give interviews. You have to resubmit your application showing extra documents.


Special Tips to Get an Open Work Permit


Prove Yourself a Good Candidate


We have talked about the conditions you have to be in to get an open work permit. However, there are many simple ways you can follow to qualify and get an Open Work permit Visa.


  1. If you have applied for a permanent resident card and working in a job, you can get a Bridging open work permit. This card will help you to stay in Canada in case your visa expires before the application is granted. So, you do not have to leave the country in case this kind of thing happens. Try to get this bridging card.


  1. If you are young, you can join in any kind of Holiday work program. This will help you to gain experience and an opportunity to live in the country. Then you can get open work permit easily. But your own country has to be eligible for this kind of program. At first, make sure you fulfil all the conditions and requirements to live in Canada. Prepare all your documents properly. So that, you can face any kind of requirements without any problem.



You can ask anything using the comment box if you have any query or info to know. We are here to help you. Are you going to apply for an open work permit? Hire an immigration lawyer for ease and smooth application.


Necessary Documents for Applying for an Open Work Permit Visa


  1. An authentic passport that has a validity of more than 6 months of the probable departure date.


  1. Two Passport size photo.


  1. Educational qualification certificates


  1. Work experience and evidence of professional qualifications.


  1. Prof of financial funds that you are able to bear all the expenses to go and live in Canada.


  1. Medical test report from a registered hospital


  1. Application fee


  1. Applicant needs to convince the authority that he or she will leave the country once his / her job is done.


Application processes of Bangladeshi for Canadian Visa


You need to ensure that you have these items below before applying online:


  • Instructions for filling out the form


  • Requirements for Bangladeshi to apply for Canada from the authority


  • A camera or scanner


  • An authentic debit or credit card


Note: You must have an account to apply online. You have to use your account to pay fees, for checking your application status, and to renew your open work permit visa. If you still have confusion about the whole process, comment on your questions. We will be pleased to help you. Thank you for reading our article.

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