20 Secret Thoughts A Guy Has When He First Sees A Woman

When a guy sees a charming girl, he desperately wants to know what she is thinking. Some thoughts appear in his mind. Is the girl clever or more girly? Is she single or taken? Is she smarter than me? Here is a list of some thoughts a guy has when he sees a pretty girl for the first time.

1.Is she available? Or will she reject me? He will carefully notice your attitude, eye contact, walking style, and many other small matters.


2.Is she is noticing me? Or is she seeing a hotter guy or her friend or a building? Guys wait for a signal from the girl before approaching her. So, He will notice you carefully.


3.Guys sometimes try to find out what a girl wears inside her outfits. Not all the thoughts are innocent! He will try to guess If she is a little edgier or innocent. What is the color of her lingerie? Guys are very curious!

4.He will wonder what your profession is. Are you a doctor or student or model or teacher, or a writer?


5.He will notice your finger. Whether you are gearing a ring or not. A good man never approaches a married or taken woman. So, he will try to find out if you are available or taken.


6.There is an old proverb that- the eye is the window to the heart. He will try to read your eyes. The eye can be a great indicator. Eyes can be Someone’s energy. And sometimes, eyes can be sexy!

7.Lips- Guys, carefully look at your lips. They try to find out what it is like to kiss them if they look chapped or soft.


8.A beautiful smile is enough for a guy to fall in love with you. He will see your smile. Guys tend to think that if a girl smiles randomly, she is an open-minded girl. Moody girls do not often smile. They will try to decode your smile and find out what types of girl you are.

9.Hair-Most of the guys have a weakness for redheads or blonds. But some guys are madly attracted to brunettes.


10.He will analyze your style! I know this is not expected. He does this not for judging you. He will try to find out your attitude and personality by doing this.


11.Guys will notice your confidence level. Confident girls can attract guys easily. He will see how you carry yourself. Your confidence level can be seen in your attitude. If you are low esteemed, it can be noticeable too. You will try to hide from the world than facing it.

12. Height – your height is also important. If a guy approaches you knowing that you are taller than him, it is a positive sign. It also indicates that he is a confident guy. Most of the guys prefer the Petites. Some guys have an issue with taller ladies.


13. He will think if you are out of his reach. Sometimes, guys do not approach a gorgeous girl. They tend to believe that beautiful girls are tough to manage.


14.How do you smell? He will try to notice this when you pass by. What type of body spray are you using? Is it only clear laundry? Or the attractive scent of roses? Scent tells a lot about women’s life! For example, if you are rustic and simple, or grislier and high maintenance.

15. The thickness of your hair. Healthy hair denotes a healthy girl. All guys have a fantasy of touching and feeling their girl’s hair. So, it is better to have beautiful hair.


16.Do you use makeup? Or fake hairs? Excessive makeup, fake look means you need high maintenance cost. Guys usually do not like phony stuff.


17.This is high-level thinking. Guys, try to find out if you are heartbroken. Whether you have pain and breakup or not. Guys have a soft corner for heartbroken girls.

18.Are you wife material? He tries to find out if he can spend their life with you. Do you look like a casual fling or a one night stand? Will his family accept you or not?


19.Do you look like a gold digger or materialistic? Will you help him to shine and support him mentally? Or will you leave your partner when he faces a financial problem?

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