Easy Way to Get a License of Real Estate Business in California

Choosing a real estate business for investment is the right decision. It can bring you a lot of money. But you have to get a license first to sell properties. The processes of making a license for a real estate business are rapid in California. If you want to sell commercial properties or houses, look at the requirements for making a license.

Requirements of License.

You have to be a minimum 18-years-old. This is the first requirement for applying for a license for a real estate business in California. You do not have to be a permanent resident in California. A non-resident can apply for a license. There is a system for other residents to take the exam.


If you are an adult, you have to complete a minimum of three courses of College level related to real estate. Each course must be at least 45 hours.

You can complete your coursework online, or you can meet classes offline in person. There are two mandatory courses and one optional course. The required courses are:


• Real Estate Practice

• Real Estate Principals

You have many options for optional courses, those are:


• Property Management.

• Business Law.

• Real Estate Finance.

• General Accounting.

• Legal Aspect of Real Estate.

There are many other optional courses from which you can choose. After completing each course, the school will take a final exam. You have to pass all the exams of course final. Then, you will receive a certificate of course completion from the school.


License Application.

If you get all the coursework certificates, you can apply it to the authority for a real estate business license. At the time of submitting an application, you have to fix a date, location, and time to sit in the state license examination.
You have to choose one test from:

• Licence Application/Salesperson Examination

• Salesperson Examination Application


While applying, you have to submit a print of your certificate and a fee of $150, which is non-refundable. You need to pay this to the Bureau of Real Estate. The Bureau does not accept any cash payment. So, you have to pay this with a money order, credit card, or check.

After processing your application, They will send you a location, date, and examination time. You have two years to take the examination after applying for a license.


If you take the combination of the license exam and sales exam, you will have to register your fingerprints. It usually costs $49.Then the fee will be $245 because it is a combination of salesperson and license exam.

If you fail to disclose any criminal activity or try to hide your previously committed crime information on your application, you will be disqualified. So, you have to be honest.


The application process and educational qualifications are the same for the residents and non-residents. If your application gets approved, you will receive a state license for the real estate business. Then, you can start your career as a real estate businessman.

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