Yoga Days Photos of Saumya Tandon Indicate Her Fabulous Return to Fitness After Pregnancy.

Saumya Tandon became a mother for the first time five months ago. But this popular actress is an inspiration for women now after posting some photos of doing yoga on International Yoga day. Saumya is a popular actress in “Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par hain” tv serial. She recently posted two photos of her in different yoga poses on Instagram.

In those photos, she was seen using a hammock yoga swing and trying to get control of balancing skills. Saumya Tandon also used an anonymous person’s caption on those photos. “You can not always control what happens on outside, but you can control what happens on inside.” Anonymous.” She wrote it as a caption.

Soon her photos went viral. Her fans praised her highly for her mind-blowing fitness as she gave birth to a child recently. One of her fans commented, ” you are an inspiration for women.” Another wrote, ” Amazing physical fitness Tandon. “Unbelievable and mind-blowing,” said another fan. After pregnancy, she posted a controversial post on Instagram about ” drastic weight loss” and she was criticized intensely for this. She posted many photos of doing different activities. Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par hain serial’s Gori Madam captioned, ” I am in a painting” after sharing a photo on Instagram.

Saumya Tandon maintained a proper diet during her pregnancy. She also did Yoga at that time. Recently, she said this to the media. She also posted a charming picture of herself captioning ‘That Sunny Moment” on Instagram earlier this month.

Last January, Saumya became the mother of a son. She made advertisements for BJP in the election during her pregnancy leave. This created a huge controversy. The election commission had sent her a legal notice for violating the code of conduct.

But earlier this year, she rejected a proposal from the reporters of Cobrapost of taking money for political advertisements on her media platforms. Saumya Tandon was greatly praised for this and regarded as a real-life hero.

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