No gain from foul cry before foreigners: Hasina

Executive Sheik Hasina on Saturday called for staying caution to power usurpers, saying it’s extremely deplorable that the general population need to hear sermons on vote based system from the power grabbers, reports state-run BSS.

“It’s exceptionally appalling for the general population of the nation that they need to listen to sermons on popular government from the individuals who caught control wrongfully and framed gathering by usurping power… the comrades will need to stay caution against them,” she said.

The chief said subsequent to being prevented from claiming wherever in the nation, those components are making protests to the outsiders that there is no popular government in Bangladesh.

“In any case, there will be no pick up from the foul cry before the nonnatives… the trial of the individuals who sustained war lawbreakers, blazed individuals to death, played ducks and drakes with the parcel of individuals and plundered open cash and property must be held,” she affirmed.

Sheik Hasina, additionally the Aawami Association president, said this while conveying her initial discourse at a meeting of the AL National Board at Ganabhaban here this evening.

“They belittled war offenders and Bangabandhu’s executioners. Yet, we need to listen to sermon of majority rules system from them. What could be more remorseful than this… I don’t know whether individuals of Bangladesh overlook history,” she said.

In this association, Sheik Hasina offered a conversation starter as to which way of majority rule government they made and went to control. “They pulverized the nation on numerous occasions by snatching force and need to do it once more,” she said.

The head said there is uncertainty in regards to whether they can spell the word vote based system and recognize what is called majority rule government. “The general population of the nation don’t have to take lesson of majority rules system as they battled and battled for popular government on numerous occasions, grabbed triumph and built up fair rights,” she said.

As majority rules system exists in Bangladesh, Sheik Hasina said, the nation’s nourishment security has been guaranteed, destitution rate has declined, the expectation for everyday comforts of the general population is enhancing and their obtaining limit is going up.

“The nation’s infrastructural advancement is being made… indeed, even we are building the Padma Connect with our own particular cash as majority rules system wins in the nation,” she said.

The head administrator said these components could just talk tall and could convey nothing to the general population. “Their lone work is to steal vagrant’s cash, confer defilement and redirect cash abroad,” she said, including their trial is being held and would proceed.

The head administrator said the BNP-Jamaat psychological oppressors smoldered many individuals to death from youngsters to pregnant ladies and burnt and vandalized a huge number of vehicles for the sake of their purported against government development.

Concerning the simply closed visit of Chinese president Xi Jinping, Hasina named the visit exceptionally effective and productive.

While discussing the Oct 22-23 party chamber, the AL boss said: “We trust that the association would hold its convention in the gathering and choose new administration together.”

Saying her supposition of the post of gathering president for a long time from 1981, Sheik Hasina said, “How long more… Let all choose new pioneers together and the gathering move flawlessly.”

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