Tea prices rise

Tea costs in Bangladesh ascended for a 6th straight week at the week after week sell off on Tuesday on vigorous interest for quality leaf in the midst of higher volumes on offer.

Bangladesh tea brought a normal of 231.11 taka ($2.80) per kg at the sale, the nineteenth of the new advertising season, contrasted and 230.07 taka in the past deal.

Solid interest won all through the closeout and costs for the most part climbed in the support of venders, National Intermediaries Ltd said in a business sector report.

More than 2.29 million kg were offered at the sole closeout focus in Chittagong, of which around 6.7 percent went unsold.

In the past closeout, around 4.7 percent of the 2.22 million kg on offer went unsold.

Bangladesh has moved from being a net exporter to a net shipper of tea because of rising utilization.

Taking after are the aftereffects of the most recent closeout (figures in Bangladesh taka per kg):


Striking/Substantial Brokens 227-232

Medium Brokens 228-232

Little Brokens 229-233

Plain Brokens 180-195


Best Fannings 233-240

Great Fannings 231-233

Medium Fannings 228-230

Plain Fannings 180-195


Pekoe Dust 226-230

Red Dust 185-243

Dust 218-257

Churamoni Dust 210-248

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