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7 Unwanted Skin Problems That Can Happen To You If You Do Not Use Sunscreen

Adding sunscreen to skincare would be the best thing you have done so far and if you have not done it yet. Then my first advice would be for you should change it from now on. It varies from person to person. But thing is that there are some people who all day long can go around in the sun without facing sunburn to their skin. But the truth is avoiding sunscreen could lead you damaging your skin. The sad part is, it might not get your attention at the beginning but avoiding sunscreen may leave your skin in danger. Here are 7 things that occur when you avoid sunscreen.




It is also known as “tanned skin”. Many people do not understand how skin can be tanned. When your skin gets tanned, it directly affects the skin. If I get this straight, your skin health and the skin tan are connected to each other. Look, the melanocyte cells are responsible for tanning. Because they process the darker hue from the epidermis layer of our skin.


  1. Leathery Feel


It means when you touch your skin it would feel leathery. As you know the melanocyte cells are processed darker hue that causes the skin to tan from the epidermis layer. But here, the lower epidermis layer plays a vital role against ultraviolet rays. Since you have started tanning the epidermis layer from the top starts to stiffen on the other hand the epidermis layer from the lower layer creating the force to move the cells up. At that point, we can say the cells are protecting as cover. Here, by the time your skin gets darker so you are making your skin rugged. In conclusion, you can assume those who tan are basically going to have leathery skin.




It is a pretty usual fact that people face sunburn during tanning. But the point is if you have that sort of skin that sunburns. It is pretty clear that you are going to face a skin problem with a discolored patch on the skin known as reddish blotch. Usually, sunburn is pretty lenient and it recovers in 7 days. But if you ended up getting a very bad effect of sunburn then you can consider that you are on an unpleasant phrase which is known as burns of the second degree. In such a situation, your skin might get burn under the top layer which is in the epidermis. You can assume that your dermis level is in serious damage. So your skin will start to wet, bleb, or even become dry. In extreme cases, it may take months to heal your skin up.




It is pretty common to have mole or freckle. Being in the sun can cause a large quantity of mole and freckle. This kind of thing happened when melanocyte cells start to grow jointly. In such a case fair skin people are liable to be influenced to grow mole to taking up the sun. They are also harmful if they seemed unusual.


  1. Premature Ageing


If you do not avoid direct sunburn or avoid sunscreen you must end up having premature aging. Invariably letting your skin in the sun rays for ages will affect your skin. So, in order to prevent such a syndrome, you have to use sunscreen to slow down the aging of your skin.




It is definite that without sunscreen your skin will lose quality in numerous ways. Having said that, you could undergo with stain or dark spot in individual places of your skin.




Being outside in the sunlight and ultraviolet rays could lead you to suffer severe skin infection. In fact, it could lead to skin cancers like melanoma and carcinoma. Indeed, sunscreens are life-saving, and make practical and effective use of them is so critical.

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