11 Cancer Symptoms That People Usually Do Not Notice

We all know how deadliest the disease cancer is. Even, diagnosis of cancer can be a nightmare to anybody. But it is curable when cancer is detected at its early stages. Here are some important points below that would make you alert. Be Careful about the last one which can interpret wrongly.


  1. Persistent Fatigue


For stomach and leukaemia or colon cancers, it can be a crucial symptom. Usually, it manifests itself from day to day fatigue differently. The cancer-related fatigue will not leave you after a sound sleep and it lasts longer which can be caused by blood loss though it is not obvious.


  1. Unexplained Weight Loss


Losing weight is one of the most common signs among cancer patients. If you are unable to remember any specific reason, changing diet, fast losing weight which you do not have a proper explanation can be the sign of having cancer.


Losing unexpectedly 10lb or more can be the initial sign of cancer and you can consider this sign to identify cancer at an early stage.


  1. Unexplained Thickening


A thickening is also known as a lump. A lump could be an important sign that you are in the early-stage of cancer or not. Sometimes it may get at the late stage also. So, test your body regularly and consult a doctor. If any lump is found or it changing its size do not get panicked or stressed. All you need to do is pay attention to it. Because most of the changes in your body are not harmful.


  1. Constant Pain


As we know pain is not only the symptoms of cancer. Pain can be popped from anything but it is also a sign of cancer. But here are the deals, if your pain is unexpected and no sign of getting better even with the treatment. In such a case you can consider this as a warning. It can be symptoms of colon cancer, brain tumor, ovary, so basically it depends on where the pain is in.


  1. Frequent Fever


If the immune system is affected by cancer then fever is one of the signs. Most people face fever at some stage although it is common at the late-stage. But in blood cancer, it can be an early sign of lymphoma or leukaemia. So, if you usually suffer from fever which is unexplainable to you, then you should go to a doctor.


  1. Skin Changes


Nowadays the most common type of cancer is skin cancer and the sad part is, it is difficult to identify it in an early stage. So, if you have a mole that changes color, shape, size, or if you have a wart, freckle then you should seek for medical attention because these are the sign of melanoma and different type of skin cancers. Apart from this, you should be more careful of the symptoms like itching, bleeding, yellowish skin, darker.

  1. Change in Bladder or Bowel Habits


Having diarrhoea long-term constipation or diarrhoea is a sign of colon cancer. It would be a better idea to seek medical attention. Here blood in the urine, change in the bladder function are the symptoms of bladder or prostate cancer. The point should be noted that these are not unique symptoms in the medical term but these could be the symptoms of urinary tract infection.


  1. Nagging Cough or Hoarseness


Suffering from cough is a usual thing and there is nothing to worry about. But suffering from constant cough is a big issue. Having said that, most of them are not cancer but it is better to leave them to the doctor. All you need to do is pay attention if your cough leads you to pain in your shoulder, back, and your chest area.


  1. Unusual Bleeding


It is the most serious case you should care about whether it is the symptom of cancer or not. Nevertheless, it carries the sign of the early or advanced stage of cancer. Point to be noted, abnormal vaginal bleeding, blood in the urine, blood in cough are all likely to have adverse consequences.


  1. Indigestion or Trouble Swallowing


It may sound normal to have a digestion problem. But it should not be overshadowed because if we look at the potential causes of cancers such as oesophagus, stomach, or throat then it is clear that indigestion is a big issue. Good thing is that in most cases digesting problems indicate something else than cancer.


  1. Other Symptoms


Here if we look at the symptoms that we are going to discuss are most commonly found in cancer patients. Say for example swollen feet, it is not a symptom of cancer but it creates side effects to the cancer treatments. So, if you are facing a swollen feet problem we would suggest you get some advice from a medical expert.


Moreover, if you notice any long-term major changes in your body or organs then you should seek medical attention. Because detecting cancer at an early stage increases your opportunities for recovery.

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