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How to play Pubg Mobile on a Low memory device?

How to play Pubg Mobile on a Low memory device? How are you pubg lovers? I think you are well but if pubg is lagging on your phone then you are not so well. So in this article, you can learn how you can play pubg smooth in your normal 2GB phone. Let us start the article.


1. Clean your phone space

You should clean your phone’s internal space and don’t fill it with unnecessary files and folders. Don’t keep unnecessary files that will fill your internal storage and this is a cause of lagging games.

2. UnInstall unused Softwares

Don’t keep unused applications on your mobile that can slow down you mobile and game will lag for this reason. If you don’t use an application then uninstall that app. Sometimes people keep the apps but they do not use that app. So you should follow these steps.

3. Don’t use any cleaner applications

In recent times when buy new phone people always using cleaner apps. Many kinds of cleaner apps available in the market but they just shut down the background apps. So they can’t do any major works that’s why you don’t need a cleaner app. You can clean your background apps manually and this is not time-consuming.


These are the mobile cleaning tips now you have to optimize your pubg settings. So lest see how to set smooth setting for pubg.

Pubg Setting

  1. Play Pubg in smooth gameplay
  2. Keep your Graphics low
  3. Keep the Fps medium setting or high setting don’t set it to ultra
  4. Use Gfx adjusting tools for graphics optimizations



Conclusion- so these are the possible solution to play pubg mobile smoothly. After all these settings if you cant play pubg mobile smoothly then you have another version of pubg that is Pubg Mobile Lite. You can easily play pubg Mobile lite smoothly.

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