9 Foods That Clean Your Kidneys by nature

It is well-known that kidneys remove the majority of the waste material of our body from the stream of the blood. Diabetes, high blood pressure, and hardened arteries are the main cause of kidney problems, and day by day the power of your kidneys is decreased to do their functions properly.

As kidney disease is life-threatening, so you would like to do all you can to keep the natural balance of your kidneys and keep them clean. It’s not possible to scrub your inner body part, but possible to try the following nutrients. Number 3 (Turmeric) is supposed to relieve your kidney pain.

1. Leafy Greens

Leafy Greens

Generally, our daily mills contain leafy greens; Is it well known how beneficial they are for our kidneys! Leafy greens are enriched with Vitamin C and Vitamin K, and also contains folic acid and dietary fiber. Reducing blood pressure, balancing sugar level, and reducing the pressure on kidneys are required benefits. Additionally, you can do many things to prepare your mil attractive.


2. Cranberry Juice

Cranberry Juice

It is also well known that cranberry juice is helpful for UTI (urinary tract infections), but have you heard that it also helps your kidneys for good function?

Kidney stone which is made of calcium oxalate, the chief life-threatening cause, can be removed from taking cranberry juice regularly. For this, chemical-free and organic cranberry is a must. For better results, it should be pure. The juice is delicious also!


3. Turmeric


Turmeric is one of the natural anti-biotics, it is recommended as an anti-inflammatory. Your body Inflammation creates a lot of complexity day by day, kidneys are vulnerable to be attacked. For stronger kidneys, keep them clean with the share of turmeric.

For kidney problems and kidney stones, curcumin, the anti-inflammatory ingredient of turmeric, is beneficial. Your meal like rice, curries, stews, or in juice mixture it can be added on regular basis. For the preparation of these, make sure it doesn’t stain your hand!


4. Apples


It’s heard that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, but who would have imagined that might be appropriate? Apples consist of dietary fiber which binds toxins and finally removes them from the body, and easing the kidneys to remove the waste products.

For soothing inflammation of the body and keeping your digestive tract well, apples do the best! Get the apple soon!


5. Garlic


For the bad habit of you, your kidneys can be susceptible to toxins and inflammation. If you are not sure that which food might be taken for a healthier kidney, always add enough garlic to your meal. Allicin, a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredient of Garlic can be highly beneficial for both your kidneys and high blood pressure.


6. Dandelion Leaves

Dandelion Leaves

As like dandelion leaf tea, some diet is not enjoyable to drink, but we should take it for the benefits of the body. Flavonoids, an antioxidant ingredient of Dandelion leaves, keep your kidneys healthy and cleanse your blood. They are supposed to decrease your high blood pressure.

Dandelion tea and leaves can be bought from many well-being shops, and to prepare salads you can also use the leaves! If you’re susceptible to stress, start your day with a cup of dandelion tea and there’s nothing beneficial like that.


7. Olive Oil

Olive Oil

Olive oil has a lot of benefits for your body, it can be beneficial for your kidneys as well. Olive oil can reduce your cholesterol level, soothe pain related to kidney stones, and reduce inflammation too. It is a positive side that, it’s affordable to buy from a general shop. Try to have extra-virgin olive oil if possible – it’s a super grade without chemicals in the pressing out process.


8. Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice contains Citric Acid which stops kidney stones to form. If you seek something that will cleanse your kidneys and stop forming kidney stones, then lemon juice best choice for you!

Making lemon juice is easy. Squash four lemons into mild hot or normal water every day and drink it the whole day long! Kidney stones are on the removal way and kidney cleanse is on the new way!


9. Ginger


Before you bite some wonderful gingerbread cookies, you thought, it would help your kidneys, then, surprising for you! Baked ginger is delicious but it’s more effective when uncooked, grounded, juiced, as a spice, or in oil.

Ginger is used in nausea, pain, kinetosis, loss of hunger, and even to decrease inflammation.
As inflammation can cause kidney disease, you may incorporate ginger into your diet as soon as possible.

Final Thought

To keep your body balance, you need to have a healthy diet for your kidneys to cleanse waste and undesirable toxins. Unluckily, with poor diet habits and weakened health, we don’t always do all we can to continue our bodies in good condition.

Gratefully, there are a few elements that can create the right surroundings for your kidneys to do their line of work. Try any of these mentioned food items in your daily food, and get the advantages of a natural way to cleanse that can do great for your body!!

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