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SEO Checklists For Blogs and Websites | Get Traffic Fast

SEO Checklists For Blogs and Websites Get Traffic FastIf you are a new blogger and you want to grow your brand website faster! Then this blog is for you. You can get traffic and rank faster your website with an SEO checklist.

Hello Guys! Its Maraj In this blog I am going to show you how you can get more traffic to your blog and rank faster. So, Let’s get started!

I have some questions for you guys. Do you research keywords before writing content? If you don’t know which niche you should select for your new blog? how to write well content? Which theme you should select for your website? If you are facing these kinds of problem then comment below. And also I will solve all these problems in this blog. So let’s see Some SEO Checklist for your website?


SEO Checklists For Blogs


#1 Use Free Or Paid Tools

You can use some of the free tools to get content ideas. So, You can use Buzzsumo, Ubersuggest to see the most lovable contents on social media. You can see the shares and the hits of any content in Buzzsumo and Ubersuggest. If you need any other tools then I can suggest Ahrefs for the analysis of the best content. This is also a paid tool but its a nice tool for SEO and keyword research. So this is the first thing you should do.


#2 Analyze Your Competitors

The second thing is to analyze your competitor’s blog or website. You should list their backlinks and the other things. How many backlinks they have? List those websites that gave them backlinks. And after that, you can contact them to give you backlinks for your quality post. If your post is more qualified then they will give you backlinks. This will help you a lot to rank your post in the search engine.


You have to optimize post images gif and linkings also. You need to add some valuable things in your post for the visitor’s attraction. And always try to give valuable things to your visitors. Then they will come back to your website.


#3 Optimize Your Website

This is the most important part of this blog. If you don’t follow this step then you can’t get high rank and traffics. You have to optimize your page load speed in mobile and desktop also. The more fast loading the high rank you can get. So its a major step for a blogger. You have to make responsive speed optimized websites for your visitors. Then they are able to browse your site without any problems. Always try to keep your site clean and faster than others. This is also a major ranking factor of Google.


After speed optimization, you can check your site with Google’s PageSpeed Insights.


#4 Collect Emails

If you don’t know about email marketing then you don’t know about the real blogging. Email marketing is the most effective strategy for a blog and a company. If you can collect peoples email then you can send them a new blog post every time you publish on your site. Or also you can add push notification on your site. When you publish or update something always they get notified and they can come back to read the new content. So these are some easy traffic gaining methods for a new blogger.


#5 Social Media

When you publish any post on your blog or website every time you should share these to social media. You can share these posts to all social media that you are using right now. And also you can tell people to share your post and read your post. So social sharing is a big part of gaining high traffic.


So I hope guys you are very much happy to read the Seo Checklists for blogs article and hope this blog is helpful for you

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