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Write A SEO Friendly Article What Is On Page SEO

What Is On Page SEO? Write an SEO Friendly Article – Nowadays websites and blogs are growing quickly. Competition is very tough for new bloggers. They Cant rank their posts or articles on the first page of the search engine.

So That’s Why Every blogger, Affiliate Marketers, CPA marketers, Digital Marketers should know the basic SEO for their websites. Otherwise, they can’t succeed online.

In This Post, we will learn about basic SEO for our website. In this article, I will discuss On Page SEO.

First, we should know about On Page SEO. What is On-Page SEO? How did it work? Why Do You need On-Page SEO? So Lets Started With On page SEO.

What Is On Page SEO?

On Page SEO means the optimization of your article. If you want to write an attractive content then always you should follow the on-page SEO optimization. On Page SEO is the backbone of your articles. First of all, choose a long tail keyword and use the keyword as a focus keyword.

Why Do You need On-Page SEO?

You need on page SEO to rank your post. Visitors can easily read these types of articles. Visitors also like these articles.

On Page SEO is very useful for any website and an article. It will help you to rank your articles. You can write a pure SEO friendly article for your website with On Page SEO.

What should you do for On Page SEO –

  • Proper Keyword Research. (Use Keyword Research Tools)
  • Use a long tail keyword.
  • Choose an Attractive Title.
  • Choose a minimum 3-5 Tags About the Article.
  • First Tag should be the title of a particular article.
  • Use Easy Words For the article.
  • Proper Use Of Headings (h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6).
  • Use Featured Image
  • Must Use Internal and External links
  • Use bold, italic and underline for important lines.

If you want to do keyword research then you can use any keyword research tool. You can use free tools like Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest, KWfinder any of these free tools.

If you want to research in detail then you should purchase a paid keyword research tool. You can use Ahrefs, Semrush, Longtail pro any of these paid tools.

After the research of keyword, now you should find the sub keywords or the related keywords. Find 3-5 related keywords you can start writing an article. Use the main keyword as the title of the article.

Now, you have to use the related keywords on headings and repeat the main keyword 3-5 times in the whole blog if your article is in 500 words. You can increase the articles keyword density by increasing the length of the article.

Use easy words to write the whole article. Use the tags and separate categories of the post. Must use a featured image on the article. Bold your main keywords and careful about keyword stuffing.

Follow These Steps to write an SEO friendly Article or On Page SEO. Now I think You can Understand, how you can write an SEO friendly article and what is On Page SEO. This is a basic concept of on-page SEO. In the next article, we will learn about Off Page SEO.

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