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Best Free SEO tools for Bloggers Marketers in 2019

Best Free SEO Tools – SEO the most important and one of the most complicated things for bloggers but nowadays there are many tools (both paid and free) are available which help you to get better rankings in search engines.

Whenever Visitors visit your website they want their result smartest and fastest. This is how you can convert a visitor into a customer.

Nowadays there are many tools available to help you in SEO and surprisingly some of them are free. But as a new blogger, you can’t afford paid tools. So too we’re going to discuss best free SEO tools. These tools help you to improve your website and get good rankings in search results.

Best Free SEO Tools

Free SEO Tools to Improve Your Rankings

Here is the list of Best free SEO tools to improve your rankings

  1. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is the best free SEO tool for bloggers. It helps you to get good keyword ideas and analyze the whole things like Competition, CPC and difficulty score for the particular keyword. This keyword tool is a completely free and very easy tool for beginners.

  1. Google PageSpeed Insights

This is one of the most important SEO tools for bloggers. You can analyze your complete website and test the speed of your website. You are able to know that hue you’re website is behaving to your visitors. Google PageSpeed Insights give you a complete idea about the score of your website in the eyes of Google.

You just need to your this too because it is completely free and the Speed of your website helps you to rank better in search engines.

  1. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a chrome extension that helps you to analyze the keywords while performing the google search. You can get the keyword ideas from this tool. It helps you to get the search volume, Competition, and CPC of keywords. You can save your favorites and get it’s metrics later.

  1. Backlink Checker by Ahrefs

Ahrefs is not free but this SEO tool by Ahrefs is free. This tool helps you to check and analyze the backlink of a website. You can get 5 top backlinks of a website. Backlink Checker helps you to get the metric of your competitor’s website.

  1. SERP Robot

SERP Robot helps you to get the rankings of your website in google. You just need to put url of your website and the Keywords on which you want the matrix. It will help you to get a better ranking in search results. This is very easy to use and very helpful tool. Must use this tool to get the Serp Results of your website.

  1. Structured Data Testing Tool

Structured Data Testing Tool is the free tool for bloggers by Google it helps you to analyze the Structure data of your website. It helps you to test all the essential tags on your website because the structure data help you to rank better in search results.

  1. Articolo

Articolo helps you to create unique, quality and proofread content from scratch. You just need to signup and write the keyword and it will give you a completely unique article. You can also set the word frequency you want. This is a must use tool to use for beginners to generate quality articles for free but you can only generate one free article per signup. It’s paid version is available too.

  1. LinkMiner

LinkMiner is a simple Google Chrome Browser extension that checks the HTTP status of all links on the current web page. It Instantly finds broken links on any web page. All broken (404) links are highlighted in red color. A very nice tool for overcoming broken link building opportunities.

  1. Plagiarism Checker by SmallSEOTools

Plagiarism Checker helps you to get the analysis of scraped content. You need to paste the content or upload a .txt file of your article and it will analyze the whole content.

The website “SmallSEOTools” is a very good website for bloggers. It also provides tools like Grammar checker, word counter and spell checker, etc tools. I recommend every blogger to use this website because it is totally free.

  1. Google Translate

You might be thinking that how Google translate is an SEO tool for bloggers? Well here is the complete answer.

Whenever you want to write about a topic you need to read about it first. Google translate help you to translate the language of that website so you can read about it in your native language.

  1. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO gives you Suggestions for search engine optimization for your blog posts. You only need to Enter the main keyword for your article or blog post and Yoast SEO will suggest how you can write and optimize your article or blog post it for search engines.

This is a must use plugin for WordPress users. Unfortunately, this tool is only available for WordPress.

  1. Search Console

Search Console Gives you the complete analysis of Performance of your website in Search engine. It will give you the complete report of Performance, Coverage, Mobile Usability and AMP versions of your website. You can also check your links to your website by search console.


These are the 12 best free SEO tools that every beginner bloggers must use. These SEO tools will help you to get better rankings in search engines.

I hope this Free SEO Tool is helpful for you. Must do a comment which one is best for you and if You know more free SEO tools then must leave the comment about them. Thanks!

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