You Will Never Eat Potatoes Again Knowing This

Potato is the proper substitute for rice. If you’re a potato lover, you’re having a rich amount of nutrition without any doubt. Potato has potassium, magnesium, vitamins, and minerals. However, potato is not an ideal food. It has a significant effect on upgrading your sugar level. Also, it has fat. And eventually, if you continuously take a potato, you will end up having bulky health.

On the other hand, you can cook potatoes in different ways. But there is a sure way which makes the potato a good healthy one. Potato can help you to prevent cancer, diabetics, and cholesterol. But it all depends on the cooking process.

Besides, potatoes can draw your death line as well. If you cannot cook properly, potatoes can increase fat and other serious consequences. Though it has all the right vitamins and minerals, it still can harm your health in a great instinct. That’s why doctors and physicians always advise avoiding potatoes all the time.

We will give you a list of reasons why you should avoid potatoes for the rest of your life. Therefore you can make a tremendous healthy decision. You will amaze by knowing those facts and advising your beloved one or the family member not to have potatoes. Numbers 3 and 6 are the most horrifying facts about the potatoes.

Potatoes cause weight gain.

You should already know the fact that potato causes weight gain. There is no argument. But the scenario is different. You see, people love potatoes more than anything else. However, you may also love potato chips and french fries. These two are also helping you gain some extra pounds.

Harvard researchers found that people who eat extra potatoes gain 1.3 pounds excess weight. On the other hand, a chips lover gains extra 1.7 pounds. But the horrific scenario appears for those who enjoy french fries regularly. Unfortunately, they earn 3.4 pounds of excess weight.

Those are the usual consequences if you take extra potatoes. To live a healthy life, you should avoid potatoes in your meal.

Potatoes Contain Toxin

It seems weird that potato contains toxic. Especially if the potato has a greenish tinge under the skin, it is a sign of toxin. However, potato creates glycoalkaloids when you bring the potatoes in the light. And after swallowed the potato, the glycoalkaloids turn toxic.

Moreover, toxins can be unseen. That means sometimes you may not notice any greenish tinge under the skin, but still, the potato can have toxicity. And this is very unfortunate.

However, potato is not a good deal for your health. That’s why you should avoid eating potatoes and let your health not gain any extra pounds.

Fried Potatoes cause cancer.

Fried potatoes are dangerous for health and the heart. Typically potatoes help you gain weight. But fried potatoes cause cancer. How?

When you fry or bake a potato, it creates a chemical. And the chemical is called acrylamide. This chemical is also known as a carcinogen, but it is very harmful. Studies show that people who take fried potatoes 2 to 3 times a week tend dying early than those who don’t have fried potatoes. That’s the difference. Now the choice is yours. Do you want to die prematurely or lead a healthy life for a bit longer?

Potatoes spike your blood sugar.

If you have diabetics and you take potatoes regularly, stop it! You are making a mistake. Potatoes increase the sugar level. And soon, you are going to feel weak and sick. And eventually, you will suffer from the diseases as well.

Besides, eating potatoes can give you some extra energy to work. You need to make sure that you’re doing physical work after eating potatoes. Otherwise, your blood starts to produce sugar, and eventually, your diabetics level will be higher. There is no doubt about that.

However, if you are struggling to avoid potatoes, you can enjoy your favorite potato with lean protein. It will help not to produce extra sugar. Other than that, you’re going to suffer from heart disease, diabetics, and other fatal issues.

It isn’t easy to control Portions.

Potatoes are excellent digestive food. You can easily enjoy a full plate of fried potatoes within a couple of minutes. You will not feel bored. Also, it isn’t easy to measure the amount.

However, potatoes have different sizes. Some are pc mouse size; some are small. So how do you know how much you should eat?

Well, the standard amount is one-third of your plate. That’s how you can measure the potatoes. But still, most of the people cannot resist their tongue. And they eat more and more.

Moreover, you can easily find the standard amount if you love potato mash. It takes one-third of your plate. On the other hand, you cannot get the idea about a chips packet or French fries because they are in a portion of fried food. And you know the average weight of a potato and a fried one is entirely different. Dried or fried potatoes contain most of the unhealthy ingredients. That’s why you should avoid fried and dried potatoes.

Potatoes are full of pesticides.

Research shows that typical potatoes contain 35 different pesticides. Farmers use those pesticides to protect the potatoes from harmful insects. But the pesticides are hazardous for human health.

Of these 35 pesticides, 6 of them are carcinogens, 12 of them cause hormone disrupts, several neurotoxins are seven, and the other six can directly harm reproductive health.

On the other hand, farmers spray the pesticides three times in the entire harvesting process. Farmers do the first spray during the potato’s production. The second time they spread at the time of growing, and the final rush is done just before harvest and after dug up.

Can you get the ideas of what you’re eating with potatoes?

Now it’s up to you. You can skip potatoes for the rest of your life, or you can still go on eating the harmful vegetables.

Some parts are downside poisonous.

Potatoes have some other parts as well. Leaf, eyes, and branches are all together, making a potato plant. However, these parts are poisonous. Though those are all useless and no one eats, you still need to be careful.

Also, when you’re enjoying eating a potato, make sure you avoid those parts. Also, it would help if you cooked appropriately so that all the poisoning parts are gone.

Therefore, whenever you go for the potato, try to eat less. It will save your health indeed.

Closing words

Now you know the wrong side of potatoes. You can make your own decision. But remember, potatoes have some benefits as well. But the potato should not be your main dish.

We mention the seven worst factors about potatoes. And those are the most dangerous. Therefore, before eating potatoes, do your calculation. And don’t eat more than twice a week. Try to avoid chips and potato fry.

Also, you can substitute potatoes with rice or anything else that suits you better.

After doing research and other things, we can advise you to avoid potatoes. If you love potatoes, minimize it. Try to have a potato meal once in the entire week.


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