11 Drinks That Can Lead You To Cancer

Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases for the human body now. Because most of the cases, sufferers die. The treatment of cancer is also very painful and has a lot of side effects. If the patient is cured, he or she can not lead a normal life.


So, Prevention is the best choice here. We should do everything we can to restrict cancer from growing in our bodies. Though sometimes we have nothing to do with it.

You may have heard the importance of foods in reducing the risk of cancer. But most of the time, the roles of drinks in this regard remain untold.


There are a few drinks that can lead you to cancer. You should avoid these drinks. Some of these will make you surprised.


  1. Tap Water


America’s Water Infrastructure system is getting older and the authority does not repair it properly. Moreover, the government advises people to use chemicals to make the water pure. One of these cleansing chemicals is chlorine. But tap water contains more dangerous ingredients than chlorine.


For instance, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) is a by-product of disinfection. Its toxicity is 1,000 times more than chlorine. The Environmental Working Agencies test every drink and food people usually eat.


They found cancer-causing ingredients in the water of the 43 States. So, better drink filtered water next time.


  1. Bottled Water


Though the label of the bottle is very attractive, bottled water can be contaminated. Because the source of water is not always safe. You may get shocked to know that the bottle is the most dangerous ingredient of bottled water. Plastic is very harmful to the environment and it makes everything contaminated.


For example, many plastic water bottles are made of BPA or Bisphenol-A which is commonly considered a hormone disruptor. It will increase the risk of metabolic disorders, breast and prostate cancer.


  1. Alcohol


Drinking too much alcohol can lead to many fatal diseases including cancer. Researchers have found that excessive drinking of alcohol can cause breast, liver, esophagus, colon, and stomach cancer.


Some people think that red wine is safe as it contains antioxidants. But it also contains ethanol which is a cancer-causing ingredient. The recommended limit of drinking alcohol for men is two glasses per day and one glass per day for women.


  1. Energy Drinks


You may get refreshed for a while after drinking energy drinks, but they make your body sick slowly. For better understanding, the ingredients of energy drinks are artificial dyes, caffeine, and sugar. They can raise the blood sugar level and blood pressure.


Drinking too many energy drinks can lead you to heart problems and seizures and gradually to death. They will make your body system sick and let cancer grow in your body. Besides, sugar is a cancer friendly food. Sugar boosts the growth of cancer cells. So, avoiding them is the best way.


  1. Regular Soda


People have a lot of misconceptions about sodas. They do not contain any health value. They also have a huge amount of caffeine, sugar, and chemical ingredients. 4-MEL is one of these artificial ingredients that provide the brown color of cola. But this ingredient is considered a cancer-causing particle.


The regulation of using 4-Mel is not the same over the states. But in California, Labels of food products must clarify if they contain any carcinogen ingredients.


  1. Diet Soda


Diet soda does not contain any real sugar. But it uses many substitutes of sugar such as aspartame, saccharin, and sucralose.


But these ingredients create problems in your metabolism. Because your body needs to bear more fats which can lead you to heart disease and diabetes. They can also create urinary and bladder cancer.


  1. Extra Hot Drinks


This is one of the facts that most people avoid. But the IARC and WHO warned that throat cancer can be grown in your body if you drink extra hot drinks regularly. The minimum limitation of extra hot is 149 degrees Fahrenheit. But many people love to drink their hot chocolate, coffee, and tea over this limitation.


Scientists have made an experiment in a hot drink named ‘mate’ which is very popular in Asia, Africa, and South America. And there is a little risk in drinking it. So, our advice to you is to wait for a while to lower the temperature of hot drinks to a safe level and then drink.


  1. Fancy Coffee Drinks


Coffee has some nutrients and antioxidants that help to prevent cancer. But there are many fancy coffee drinks in the market which contain a lot of cream and sugar. There are many ingredients such as chocolate, syrup, whipped cream, and caramel they use which spoil the nutritive value of coffee.


They contain a lot of fat. So, drinking these drinks can lead to diabetes, obesity, and finally cancer.


  1. Juice and Juice Drinks


Juicing is a good process for getting important minerals and vitamins. But you will get more of these minerals and vitamins you eat vegetables and fruits directly.


But while juicing we remove the skin of fruits and vegetables. Hence, we lose many important fibers and vitamins. Fibers control your blood sugar levels.


Moreover, if you drink juice regularly, you will have a higher chance of getting rectal cancer. Perhaps, the reason behind it is that juice contains a lot of sugar. So, be careful while drinking juice.


  1. Store-Bought Smoothies



Smoothies are a good substitute for juice. Because juice spoils the fibers of fruit and vegetable while blending. But you have to make sure your smoothies are homemade. Store-bought smoothies have a creamy and smooth texture. They also feel like dessert. Because manufacturers add many extra ingredients in them.


They contain a lot of sugar and fat. These are very harmful to your body. So, you are drinking these without knowing the fact that they are unhealthy.


  1. Sports Drinks


Sports Drinks will not cause cancer directly. But they will raise the risk of developing cancer. Sports drinks are usually advertised as healthy but they have a lot of carbohydrates and sugar. And if you do not have to work all day, it is better not to drink them.


Try to drink normal freshwater. Sports drinks contain extra calories. These will bring you diabetes and obesity. Both of these diseases can lead to cancer.


In Conclusion, pure and normal water is the best drink for our body. You can drink other beverages within the limit. But please try to drink at least two liters of filtered water every day. Then, you can have other drinks.


We eat many foods to prevent cancer. But drinks are equally important too. So, keep these drinks in mind to stay away from cancer. Be careful and have a safe and healthy life.

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